Sunday, November 30, 2008

This sums Chad up

My cousin Aubrey had this on her blog and I thought it was perfect for Chad and the way he lived. He enjoyed his ride!

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body; but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, "Wow! What a ride!"


Chad Hirschi said...

Chad today we celebrate your life, I feel so grateful today for so many things I am grateful for the moments and the memories we shared together. I am grateful for our friendship, We always had so much fun together weather we were chasing lizards, or riding bikes. You always amazed me how you showed no fear when it came to getting crazy on a bike, snowboard, or a skateboard. If someone thought it could be done you were the first to go for it.

Chad I will miss your smile. Your smile told so much about you it shared with the world how loving and kind you truely are. You welcomed many people into your life with just that one wonderful quality (your smile). That smile lives on through beau and your daughter.

During these times that seem so hard to bear, I rely on my testimony of our Savior I know that you are with him now in heaven smiling down upon all of us. I am brought back to a story i heard a while ago about a young boy who watches his mother embroider, When he looks from underneath her lap he doesn't understand why his mother would make something so confusing all the light colors combined with all the dark ones. He had a confused look on his face and he asked his mother why she was making such a mess. She told him son you go about doing your business and i will go about doing my own and when i am finished i will bring you up on my lap and i will show you what i've done. After an hour or two had passed the little boy sat upon his mothers knee, only to find a beatiful sunset with flowers. He looked at his mother amazed, and she looked at him and said i was only following the pattern it was a pre drawn plan. This young boy became a man and he prayed to the Lord and said Lord Why in my life is their such dark and difficult times why can't they all be good and light. The Lord simply replied you go about doing your business and i will go about doing my own and when your time has come will sit next to you and show you what i've planned. When the man finally reached heaven he stood next to the Lord and saw his life and the perfect plan that the Lord had sat before him.

I know that Chad had a plan here on this Earth, He was a loving father a wonderful friend (best bud), a loving son, brother and husband. Thank you Chad for allowing me to share in your journey in this life. I will miss you, and I can't wait till we meet on the other side, You with your welcoming smile and open arms. A true friend!

Love ya man,
Chad Hirschi


Chadly B! Burny Burn! Engleberry! (That’s how I refer to Chad) I have the most amazing memories of you. All I can think of is GOOD-TIMES. Although I’m deeply saddened by loosing you, I can’t help but smile when I think back at our experiences. These life experiences we shared together are imprinted within me; I will guard them closely and refer to them regularly. Chad, I’m so proud to have had you as a friend.

Chad to me was as solid as a rock when it came to my friendship with him. Whether we hung out everyday or every other month, it didn’t matter, we always re-connected like it was moments before we had last seen each other. Chad had this impact on so many of us; it’s unbelievable how many considered him a best friend. His character will go unmatched. He set the bar so very high. He was an Amazing Person, Son, Father, Brother, Husband and Friend. He will be deeply missed by my family and me. It was an honor, thank you Chad.

Chad I always will miss you!

Love Ya Burny Burn!

Jared (Jerry) & Jamie Larson
& Larson Family

Shalee's blog said...

We were sorry to here about your son and brother. Our prayers are with you and your family.

With love,

Brigham and Shalee Murray

Brian & Zenia Anderson said...

My heart and sole goes out to my sister Cindy, my niece Kayden and all of Chad's family. He really, truely is a great man. He will be greatly missed here on earth. I know he's looking down on all of us right now along with all of our other friends and family that have passed on to the other side. We'll see you again, Chad. Love, Brian & Zenia Anderson

Lila said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. How sad we are to hear of your loss. How grateful we are to have our the gospel knowledge and spirit of comfort and peace. We love you.
The Harper's

Morgan Family said...

Always thinkin of you and missed dearly.