Saturday, November 29, 2008

For My Chad

I know now you are gone, I refuse to believe it,
But I know it's true.
I have always known how you felt about me,
Now it's time to say how I felt about you.
You were a perfect man, almost too good to be true.
You looked so handsome to me,
And our love was so obvious, everyone knew.
I loved your stature, your style, your mind.
The way you loved nature, the way you were kind.
I thank you so much for the present you left,
She is quite beautiful, anyone can see.
She is half you
She is half me.
I wish deep down there still was more time,
To cuddle you longer, to feel sublime.
I still feel your warmth, your presence and love,
You'll always be with me,
Though I know now you are safe,
In heaven above.

I love you babe!



Nicole Cave said...

Ok, this poem is almost too much to is beautiful. I am so sad for you Cindy and Kayden. I do know there is a reason for everything...with that being said, I know it doesn't take away the hurt, but I know Chad is in a beautiful place and that he will always love ou guys!

Anonymous said...

I know we have not spoken in a while, but my heart aches for you and chad's family. You and Kayden are in my thoughts and prayers. Only time can heal what no words can do.

Bre Blaser

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so great to me growing up! I apologies for not visiting for so long. I am here if ever needed.
Tristan Reynolds